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The Lead Developer is the perfect opportunity to reach and connect with hundreds of technical leaders and engineering managers.

We love working with sponsors to find fun and creative ways to showcase your brand at our conferences. In the past, we’ve worked with WeWork, Indeed, Condé Nast, ThoughtWorks, Spotify, Shopify and lots more!

Here’s what our previous sponsors said when we asked: Did you feel it was worthwhile sponsoring the event?

"The Lead Developer is a great event where we meet with prospective and existing clients, network with key industry players, while consuming quality, bite-sized content in the sessions. The event planner does a great job of protecting my investment while ensuring a great experience for attendees. The sessions are so amazing, not only do we send people to staff the booth, but also attend the sessions. We look forward to LeadDev each year for the past 3 years."
"The diversity and inclusion sponsorship is a perfect fit for us. We don’t usually sponsor conferences so to be able to have a direct impact on conference diversity is brilliant. The experience has been great and I will be recommending that we do it again next year."

If you’d also like to get involved in supporting The Lead Developer, please get in touch with Daisy Wort, Sponsorship Manager, to find out more and discuss the sponsor packs and opportunities that fit your business goals and budget. please get in touch to.


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